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Harper Government Stifles Freedom of Speech

The Harper government has been quashing freedom of expression in order to obtain a majority government: “Why the drastic cuts to programs designed to ensure equal voice and fairness to all Canadians — rights embedded within our own constitution? At … Continue reading

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Harper Plans to Win Majority Using Women Voters

A Brief Chronological Account of the Erosion of Women’s Rights Under the Tories: In March 2009, representatives of Canadian women protested in front of the United Nations about the federal Tories’ regressive revisions to pay equity laws. “Representatives of women’s … Continue reading

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Tories: Corporate Taxes “Bad,” Big Business “Good”

More corporate tax cuts weren’t on the corporate-controlled news media’s radar after the release of the federal Tories’ 2011 budget. Judging by The Province, for example, it seemed more concerned about a newly proposed “fat tax.” They should have been … Continue reading

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Harper’s Government: Privatize Medicare

What do Canadians thinks of when they consider the value of Medicare? They may think of “long wait times” for procedures in hospitals (but this is not a fault of the system, as will be shown). Most likely, however, they … Continue reading

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A Quick One re Tory Scandals

A Quick One re Tory Scandals

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The Tories’ War on Canada’s Students

The purpose of this essay is to show how education in Canada—and the conditions for Canadian students—has eroded under the federal Tories’ neoliberalism. The essay is also supposed to show how neoliberalism in general leads to deterioration in the quality … Continue reading

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The Tories and Canada are Incompatible

“Canadians are being warned that the Harper government is underestimating the lifetime costs of new F-35 fighter jets by more than $12 billion – a third blow to a government already under fire for stonewalling in the Commons. A new … Continue reading

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