CBC biased? Say it ain’t so!

What these quotations add up to is that there has been unrelenting pressure on Canada’s news media over the past 30 years or more to move them toward the right and that includes the CBC. So, we already know that the CBC is not left-leaning, as the federal Tories claim.

An October 2, 2009 Tyee article (www.thetyee.ca) by Crawford Killan headlined “Canwest Global may sell papers; CBC, National Post sharing content” tells of the CBC running financial stories from the hard right Post on their website. This is more proof of where the CBC is located on the political spectrum.

To read the full article, please click on the following link.

CBC biased-is it true

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6 Responses to CBC biased? Say it ain’t so!

  1. Susann says:

    Do you ever actually communicate with humans sir? Your Saul quote is elitist and almost meaningless.
    Plain English is expected more and more in our legal rulings. I appreciate the trend.
    You might try penning your own thoughts rather than the condescending pap you rely on from JR Saul. But you are a believer in some media pundits branding him as Canada´s revered resident intellectual. Get over yourself first then possibly you´ll see the elitist pablum Saul regurgitates. It took an election for some other so-called people in the know….to get it, and Canada. You actually have to get of your cocoon to truly know what people think and feel and experience. Saul certainly is no authority we should consult, with anything but a passing interest..

  2. Susann says:

    Keep regurgitating Saul and you’ll quickly reduce your readership to zero.

  3. SusannR says:

    You seem to offer up a lot of articles that no one reads or in fairness maybe they simply choose not to comment.

    I was curious to read your take on CBC potential bias even though your first paragraph indicated how you choose your resources, on the left. The Tyee, Crawford Killian, and below the fold, Chomsky, Salutin and what must have felt very good for you, a run at the right wing Fraser Institute.

    Actually in terms of the latter, I appreciate that they publish annual school performance rankings, even if controversial. Otherwise we would have nothing at all for comparisons of excellence, just the BC Teachers Federation obfuscation and command and control manners. Kinda similar to what you accuse Harper of being.

    • “The Right and the Left, like Fascism and Communism, have never been anything more than marginal dialects on the extremes of reason. They are naive answers that one would expect from a central ideology which, in its very heart, believes in absolute solutions.”–Voltaire’s Bastards, John Ralston Saul, 1993, p.20

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