Inequality, Democracy, and Class Warfare (Part 3)

Yet, at the beginning of August, we have Conservative MP Stockwell Day publicly announcing Canada is going to spend $13 billion building more prisons, based purely on an unsubstantiated claim that “more and more often, crimes are going unreported.” Statistics Canada quickly shot that down as was recorded in the following article. (“StatsCan refutes minister over crime numbers,” Mike De Souza, Vancouver Sun, August 4, 2010) in which the agency takes Day to task for misusing their numbers.

Huge class war!  Think of all the daycares, social programs, and national social housing that money could fund. For whom are these prisons being built? Not the well off, you can be certain of that. That’s the irony of France’s quotation at the beginning of this article.

To read the full article, please click on the following link.

Inequality Democracy and Class Warefare-part 3

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