Why is Stephen Harper Prime Minster?

From Not a Conspiracy Theory: How Business Propaganda HIJACKS Democracy, 2009, by Donald Gutstein:

“[T]he mainstream media didn’t report an even bigger story [than not alerting investors about the market’s highly leveraged structure]: the prolonged and highly sophisticated propaganda campaigns mounted by business to change our minds on fundamental issues of social and political life. For thirty-five years, dozens of business-backed think-tanks in the United States, Canada and most other countries have been beating the drum for deregulated markets, lower taxes for the wealthy and for weak, ineffective government. It requires no genius to realize that an unregulated market coupled with a government with no appetite for oversight except to enforce rules that protect the unregulated market is of great advantage to business… This massive anti-government, anti-regulation exercise in corporate propaganda worked because the media didn’t report the story… [A]s citizens who were—and are—continually misled by the mainstream media, we risk losing a lot more; our ability and obligation to govern ourselves.”

When one considers that the federal Conservatives are more business-friendly than the other political parties, and that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s professional training was in economics, it comes as no surprise that the cumulative effect of the business propaganda over the past thirty-five years has resulted in Stephen Harper being Prime Minister and the federal Conservatives being the governing party of Canada.

However, as was stated at the beginning of this article, Canadians remain moderate in their views despite attempts to prove otherwise. That’s why Harper and the Conservatives have only ever managed to win minority governments in election after election.

To read the full article, please click on the following link.

Why is Stephen Harper Prime Minister

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2 Responses to Why is Stephen Harper Prime Minster?

  1. Thought you might appreciate this video (the relevance to Stephen Harper becomes clear after a minute or two).

    To watch the whole lecture start here (grab yourself a sandwich first!)

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