The Tories’ War on Canada’s Environment

Based merely on the tar sands policy, the short answer is that we’ve been betrayed on the tar-sands greenhouse-gas-emissions front by the Harper government. What else have they been up to?

“Of all the issues confronting the Harper government, climate change has caused it the most trouble. In fact, for the communications tsars in the Harper government, the issue of climate change must represent a continuing storm that they are struggling to sail through, with a leaky platform, little public credibility in their direction, and a crew that often loses its footing. The climate change storm hasn’t sunk Harper’s ship of state yet, but it may remain one of his greatest impediments to majority rule. (my italics) At the same time, his reaction to this issue provides a good illustration of Harper’s overall approach to the role of the federal government.”—The Harper Record, CCPA, pdf, “The Harper Government and Climate Change: Lost at Sea?” Toby Sanger and Graham Saul, September 22, 2008, p. 281

To read the full article, please click on the following link.

The War on the Environment

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