The Tories and Canada are Incompatible

“Canadians are being warned that the Harper government is underestimating the lifetime costs of new F-35 fighter jets by more than $12 billion – a third blow to a government already under fire for stonewalling in the Commons. A new report from [PBO] Kevin Page, whose post was established by the Conservatives to ensure “truth in budgeting,” says the total price tag for the jets is close to $30 billion – nearly 70 per cent more than government estimates…. [The Harper government] is being accused of low-balling the cost of one of the most expensive defence purchases in decades…. Mr. Harper told reporters on [March 10, 2011] that he refused to ‘get into a lengthy debate in numbers.’”—“Tories forced to defend F-35 purchase amid damning report,” Stephen Chase, John Ibbitson, and Jane Taber, The Globe and Mail, March 11, 2011

So Harper refuses to get into a lengthy debate? Okay, here’s a short debate. Twelve-billion dollars would go a long way toward building social housing for the approximately 300,000 homeless people across Canada. It would also go a long way toward setting up a national child care program. Your rebuttal, please, Mr. Harper?

To read the full article, please click on the following link.

The Tories and Canada are Incompatible

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