Harper Plans to Win Majority Using Women Voters

A Brief Chronological Account of the Erosion of Women’s Rights Under the Tories:

In March 2009, representatives of Canadian women protested in front of the United Nations about the federal Tories’ regressive revisions to pay equity laws.

“Representatives of women’s groups and labour unions gathered at the United Nations yesterday, to announce that they will be filing a complaint against the Harper government with the UN Commission on the Status of Women. The complaint condemns the Canadian government for rushing controversial pay equity legislation through Parliament, which will make it extremely difficult for women in the federal public sector to demand equal pay for work of equal value.”—Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), “Women launch complaint against Harper government for destroying the right to pay equity,” news release, March 6, 2009

About a month later, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made some ironic, sanctimonious statements about women’s rights in another country.

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper said [April 1, 2009] that Canada remains committed to its mission in Afghanistan, but he voice strong concerns about new Afghan legislation that would limit women’s rights in that country…. ‘We’re deeply troubled by it. And I don’t think we’re by any means alone,’ the prime minister said during an interview in London ahead of the G20 talks that begin [the next day]…. Harper noted that Canada was reluctant to get drawn into any Afghan electoral politics, but said: ‘The concept that women are full human beings with human rights is very, very central to the reason the international community is engaged in this country.'”—CBC News, “Harper ‘deeply troubled’ by Afghan move to limit women’s rights,” April 1, 2009

The Harper government has a horrendous record regarding women’s rights in Canada. Harper’s disdain for women’s equality is well known, and his government has cut funding for numerous women’s programs.

To read the full article, please click on the following link.

Harper Majority Using Women

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