Harper Government Stifles Freedom of Speech

The Harper government has been quashing freedom of expression in order to obtain a majority government:

“Why the drastic cuts to programs designed to ensure equal voice and fairness to all Canadians — rights embedded within our own constitution? At heart, Harper hates the kind of government Canadians have grown up with. He would prefer to dismantle Canada’s modern Keynesian welfare state and he eschews the notion that government has a supportive, nurturing, social role to play on behalf of its citizens. In the extreme conservative world, people earn what they get on merit, and they are individually responsible for making (or breaking) it. Harper’s vision of government, the extreme conservative vision, is one of retribution, order, and civil obedience. It is more authoritarian in nature, less democratic and more divisive: The kind that says you’re either with me or you’re against me. Harper also isn’t keen on open political debate. His government finds public debate a threat to its goal of majority government. (my italics)…. [T]he Harper government kneels at the altar of small government, a euphemistic term that implies fewer public programs and far greater reliance on the private sector to determine the Canadian agenda. It evokes a more American way of running government. Funding cuts that limit the services government provides — services that might help Canadians challenge the limits of an extreme conservative government — are fundamental to Harper as he diligently builds a foundation for majority rule. (my italics)—The Harper Record, “Chill Effect,” CCPA, pdf, Trish Hennessy, September 22, 2008, p. 42

To read the full article, please click on the following link.

Harper Government Stifles Freedom of Speech

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