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Fat Cats

“All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Fat cats (ipso facto) are corrupt. Therefore they are corrupting Canada. *           *            * Fat cats like fish. Something smells fishy in the state of Canada. Help get rid of … Continue reading

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Canadians must not be complacent. Canadians must be vigilant: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Canadians must stand for their rights. *              *                * To read … Continue reading

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You Asked For It!

A little-more-distant future. I have to say that I’m perfectly happy living under the Harper dictatorship, formerly known as Canada. So there are no more social programs anymore, so what: The “invisible hand” of the market takes care of everything … Continue reading

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Please Vote!

The utterance of “democracy” is a way of saying no to inequality, injustice and coercion.—International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, “Democracy,” Giovanni Sartori, 1968, Retrieved April 13, 2011 from To read the full article, please click on the … Continue reading

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Conservatives Bungle Wooing Seniors’ Votes

The Conservatives tried to bolster their position by pointing out how much better off seniors would be under the proposed 2011 Tory budget. [Conservatives Seniors Minister] Fantino visited the Better Living Community Centre in Toronto, outlining proposed improvements to the … Continue reading

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Ekos April 8 Poll – Tories 7 Points In Front

Here’s what polling firm Ekos stated on April 8, 2011: “As the race winds its way to the midpoint, we find the poll numbers have returned to the position we had in our poll released the day before the writ … Continue reading

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Why War In Afghanistan?

Canadians do not want this. We don’t need billions of dollars spent on prisons and jets when the money could be better spent elsewhere. We don’t need to continue to pour money into an unwinnable war in an overseas country, … Continue reading

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