Why The Harper Government Mismanages The Economy


Our government is neoliberal. Neoliberalism as an economic ideology is unsustainable. That is one of the main reasons our government hasn’t been able to manage the economy properly.

“Unlimited economic growth on a finite planet is our greatest sustained myth: belief that the economy can grow forever, that there are no limits to its wealth we can create from Earth’s natural resources. Growth, measured by an increasing Gross Domestic Product (GDP), is what drives government policy worldwide. The equation has been drummed into us for so long that it’s received wisdom: growth equals progress…. Even on its own terms, continued economic growth is not working. It has resulted in 20% of the world’s people consuming the lion’s share of resources while the poorest 80% are forced to get by on the crumbs. We put growth above equality, and the result is unhealthier and unhappier lives addicted to a mindless consumerism that is depleting the planet’s resources. We have been living beyond our ecological means for decades, consuming too much and producing more waste than the environment can absorb, while inequality soars.”—Monitor, “Unsustainable growth,” CCPA, September 2010, p. 3

Stephen Harper has said the 2011 election’s central issue is the economy. However:

“…Harper is extremely vulnerable on the economy…. Harper and Co. played with financial deregulation in the mortgage industry (allowing 40-year, no-down-payment mortgages), and created a bubble that has yet to burst. In virtually every other aspect of economic policy, the Harper government can be shown to be incompetent or recklessly irresponsible…. As for Harper’s economic policies, they are a disaster. If opposition parties — and civil society organizations — went after the Harper government on the actual performance of the economy, they could take away the most important advantage it now enjoys.”—Monitor, “Harper’s planned austerity program can and must be fought,” CCPA, Murray Dobbin, December 2010/January 2011, p. 16

To read the full article, please click on the following link.

Harper Government Mismanages Economy

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