Why Students Should Get Involved In The Election

Students should get involved in the 2011 election because they have been badly hurt by the federal government. Sky-high tuition fees are an example of this; this started to happen under the Harper regime.

They should also be worried because they are being groomed to be cogs in the corporate world.

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Why students should get involved

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2 Responses to Why Students Should Get Involved In The Election

  1. Deb says:

    Hello again,
    About your list of problems (to understate it) with the Harper “government”, I am thinking you might want to add this one:
    This is one I find particularly scary as this may have set a precedent within NAFTA. Water!!! I went to the presentation by a lawyer from Michigan, Jim Olson (http://www.envlaw.com/james-m-olson.php) talking about their fight to keep Michigan’s water out of “enclosure” (private marketing). He talked about the Public Trust Doctrine but couldn’t comment specifically on Canadian law. This is one that needs A LOT of exposure. Why would any sane person support this? Perhaps “sane” is a key word here.

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