Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

In the October 7 [2006] edition of The Globe and Mail, again Gary Mason takes the RCMP to task, this time for the seemingly indifferent response by the provincial government to the sex charges that were dismissed against an officer, “Many questions, few answers in RCMP case.”  On the same page is another article, “Mounties release internal memo: Image-boosting e-mail leaked in an effort to improve force’s tarnished reputation,” by Terri Theodore.  The e-mail reminds officers of their proud tradition of integrity, and their “amazing success, given the difficult challenges we all face on a daily basis.”  This comes just after the two prominent, previously mentioned cases, and also after the stinging judicial report slamming the RCMP for their handling of the case of Maher Arar, who, apparently on the RCMP’s say-so, was deported by the US to Syria, where he was tortured as a terrorist.  [Then-]Federal Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day expressed his confidence in the RCMP.  However, he also said there is work left to do and changes may be needed to the laws governing RCMP officers.

To read the full article,  please click on the following link.

Who will guard the guards

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