Conservatives Bungle Wooing Seniors’ Votes

The Conservatives tried to bolster their position by pointing out how much better off seniors would be under the proposed 2011 Tory budget.

[Conservatives Seniors Minister] Fantino visited the Better Living Community Centre in Toronto, outlining proposed improvements to the Guaranteed Income Supplement [GIS]…. In his statement [March 24], Fantino said the proposed improvements would provide single, low-income seniors with up to $600 in benefits, while couples would receive $840.—CP, “Conservatives signal senior vote will be key target,” March 24, 2011

Wow! Less than $12 per week increase for a single senior! Hold me back!

Want to bet that the Conservatives’ already approved raises for their political staff are worth just a little bit more than that?

To read the full article, please click on the following link.

Conservatives Bungle Wooing Seniors’ Votes

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6 Responses to Conservatives Bungle Wooing Seniors’ Votes

  1. sms says:

    Amazing article. I’ve been reading online articles for many days but to tell the truth I never got so fascinating post to read out similar to this one.And yes i have digg your site

  2. Alan Burke says:

    I retired several years ago but am still very active mentally and socially. My focus is to bring more sanity into policy making by emphasizing reality rather than political fiction. Much of my time goes into reading scientific journals and trying then to act as an ambassador in interpreting the reality in a way that most online readers will understand just how badly our politicians are behaving and to change that behaviour.

    As long as we keep this “first past the post” electoral system, we will be stuck with terrible and destructive policies. I advocate moving to a preferential voting system with mandatory voting, as is used in Australia. Then, at least, your local MP would be more accountable to his/her constituents and parliament would be represented by a majority of preferences rather than a bizarre fringe.

    I welcome commentary on my website; just click on my name to go there.


  3. Deb says:

    Coincidentally, I just got back from a rally for democracy hosted by the Green Party that was attended by speakers and voters from all the parties not-in-power. The theme was how ill our democracy is looking (although from the enthusiasm of the large crowd, I came away with some hope). Anyway, I was so pleased to see a large number of seniors there! I guess they love their grandchildren….. : ). It was great to see the generations supporting each other; it is what makes life rich.

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