I’m a writer and one of my main interests is federal politics. (After finishing reading “About,” click on “Home.”) To read one of these posts, please look below the title, and then if there’s text following that, click on the link below the text (otherwise just click on the link following the title). The file opens as a pdf; it should open in your browser or in Acrobat Reader. The links are safe: Google my name, and you’ll see I’m a real person.–Rolf Auer, Dec. 22, 2010, rolfauer@yahoo.ca, @Rolf_Auer


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  2. Deb says:

    Hi, yet again, Rolf,

    Your clear and agile gathering of thoughts on our current political mess are so well done, even the near illiterate could follow them. May I have permission to forward some of them by email to friends, family, acquaintances? (Why the War In Afganistan is particularly compelling). Or, if you’d rather I didn’t I would understand.



  3. Hi Rolf,

    I just found your blog and I’m hoping there are more people out there like you. Falling of the Harper government is good but I fear that there are many stupid voters out there who simply don’t get it. And voters who simply don’t care. Harper is going to be very dangerous for Canada and if he is elected again into majority he will do an irrevocable damage to the Canadian society – or whatever good left in it.

    I think the political situation in Canada is ripe for a coalition government. None of the current parties have the capacity to do what is right. That what seems to me. What do you think of a coalition government where all parties have to work together instead of bully each other? Coalition governments have worked well in Europe.

    On the other hand, the people deserve their own government. And if Canadians are stupid and elect Harper again then they truly deserve the consequences that won’t be pretty and probably will alter the whole Canadian society for the future in a negative way.

    What do you think the outcome will be of this election?


    • Hi Liz,

      Maybe a coalition government could work. Personally, I would like to see Harper and his Tories out of the picture. They are dismantling Canada piece by piece. If the people vote Harper in again, I don’t know whose fault that is. If they give him a majority government, Canada is finished.

      Hope you continue to enjoy my blog! I’m posting again very soon.

      Regards, Rolf

  4. Rider Cooey says:

    Hi Rolf,
    Sorry I only just now found your blog. Glad to see your response to Joe Wai.
    Here’s my notes…
    Chinatown’s southeastern “corner”– makes it sound less than consequential
    ” “united front” is a bit overstated
    ” groups united, as in the freeway fight (that was residents for sure: I wonder if the CBA, etc were active)
    “includes residents”– a good thing
    VCRC: “made up of many residents”– a good thing

    Chinatown groups fed up with more meetings — more meetings is rarely a happy prospect
    Repeated: ‘Frankly, fed up with delay’

    200 blk E Georgia and Union: 10 storey bldgs, “happily set back and respectful of the streetscape”– the co-ops,yes, but not the parkade (Georgia) or V6ACondos (Union).

    Joe’s Aspiration: Chinatown retains its spiritual identity, resists “cultural subversion.” Then is its spirit to be found in the high-quality arts/crafts/furniture (and customers) among the curio shops, or in the dozens of little fruit, vegetable, meat, herbal shops (and customers)?

    It’s a homogeneous world: hard to find distinctly different cultural expressions. But the form of different cultural expressions is less important than the essence. Yes, well okay, but I think development should lean toward low-income people, not purchasers of high quality arts/crafts/furniture.

    • Hi Rider,

      I’m planning on taking a little advert out in the next three issues of The Carnegie Newsletter. You probably would have found it then, if not sooner like you already did. I tend to agree with your comments, particularly the last paragraph. I see you’ve subscribed to my blog. I hope you enjoy it! My next entry is going to be about how healthcare under the Tories deteriorated since they assumed power.

      Regards, Rolf

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