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Woodgold Disappears

Over at the Fraser Institute Ministry of Truth, in a secluded lab in the depths of the building, Woodgold was wired up like a Christmas tree to some kind of skullcap mesh of electrodes. He was in an induced coma-state. … Continue reading

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Resistance is not Futile

For as thinking keeps company with consciousness, so the latter is influenced by the contextual meaning of words, which determine the composition of identity and self. *          *          * To read the full poem, please click on the following link. … Continue reading

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The Hackers Visit the Downtown Eastside

“Well men,” said Woodgold, “time for me to split. Thanks for a job well done. I think you’ve set back gentrification in the Downtown Eastside for quite a while, and, as an added bonus, you’re all somewhat better off, too.” … Continue reading

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Down with the Tyranny of Ignorance

“Here, write down these names. George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Sinclair Lewis, Margaret Atwood. Go look and see if you can find their books in the library. In fact, see if you can find them anywhere. And here’s the thing,” he … Continue reading

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Pointy Teeth

The Emperor was pleased (he was pleased in any case – some said the little bright red people helped him become Emperor) because he despised poor people – all of his efforts were channeled into making the rich richer. Social … Continue reading

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You Asked For It!

A little-more-distant future. I have to say that I’m perfectly happy living under the Harper dictatorship, formerly known as Canada. So there are no more social programs anymore, so what: The “invisible hand” of the market takes care of everything … Continue reading

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