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In Memoriam – Harriet Nahanee (Tsibeotl) 1935 – 2007

This abusive treatment of these elder women of two races speaks of racist, misogynist, senior-hating rank discrimination that one would typically expect from a government which is in thrall to big business, is primarily motivated by love of money, is … Continue reading

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On Virtue

Of everyone I know personally very few were more community-minded than social justice activist and writer Sandy Cameron. *           *          * To read the full poem, please click on the following link. On Virtue

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Conservatives Bungle Wooing Seniors’ Votes

The Conservatives tried to bolster their position by pointing out how much better off seniors would be under the proposed 2011 Tory budget. [Conservatives Seniors Minister] Fantino visited the Better Living Community Centre in Toronto, outlining proposed improvements to the … Continue reading

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